Arsenal could the Champions League Zinchenko

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Arsenal guru believes Arsenal could be in the Champions League with Zinchenko

Craig Burley believes Manchester City midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko. Who won last season’s Premier League title. Would be a great signing for Arsenal if they can sign him.

The Gunners have just signed striker Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City earlier this month. And they are rumored to want to sign a heavy Ukrainian footballer at this time.

Burley believes Arsenal’s acquisition of Zinchenko will strengthen Mikel Arteta’s side and have a chance of qualifying for the Champions League. In the next season, even more.

“He will come in and help the players a lot and I think this is the most important thing, and they (Jesus and Zinchenko) are beyond Manchester City. Which they have done. Excellent performance with the club, but it is with Guardiola who needs more perfection. That means one or two people will have to leave the team, such as Raheem Sterling, who has performed well. Great for the manager and the club over the years.”

“Going back to Zinchenko and if you can sign him. It will give the team more options as he has been playing in an excellent left-back position. He can play in the middle of the pitch like he did for the Ukraine national team and perform well.”

“Arsenal also has a problem on the left, Kieran Tierney is a great player. But if Tierney is fully fit, it gives Arsenal an option if they want to go back to playing in a three-man defense.”

“It gives Arsenal more options. in terms of left-back So I think signing these two is very exciting for Arsenal, especially if they get Zinchenko in the team,” said Burley.