Fabinho reveals he tried to hold back Mane

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Fabinho reveals he tried to hold back Mane. Before deciding to join Bayern.

Brazilian midfielder Fabinho has revealed he held talks with Sadio Mane and will try to stay at Liverpool. Before he decides to move to Bayern Munich. Come, According to reports from the UFABET

The 30-year-old has moved to the South for around £35m after a six-year spell with the Reds and helped the club win the Champions League Premier League and UEFA Super Cup ,Club World Cup, FA Cup and Carabao Cup

Fabinho gave an interview to The Athletic the city’s elite media. That He has tried to hold talks to keep Mane at the club. But he insists he wants to leave in the summer.

“At the end of the season, I spoke to Mane several times and he told me about the situation in which he would have to move. I always said to him, ‘Come on, Sadio, stay here. You can win the Premier League and the Champions League here, don’t leave. But I think he’s made the decision. Which we have to respect at that point.”

“Sadio has a good story under a Liverpool shirt. He’s been playing here for six years and during that time he’s championed everything you can and he’s decided to take on a new challenge, so that’s it. K” Fabinho said.

This has bit of an up and down season for Mane. He has still managed to score 12 goals and provide two assists in 24 games in the Premier League. When it comes to the Champions League. The Senegalese forward has score two goals in eight games